The purpose of these general conditions of use hereinafter the “GCU” is to define the terms of use of the “Qonvin™” service, offered by QONVIN UGANDA LIMITED, a private limited liability company under the Ugandan law, hereinafter referred to as Qonvin UG.

Qonvin™ UG provides the technical platform and a network made up of sub-agents and merchants, for the management of business operations and the distribution of electronic money through the “Qonvin™” service. Qonvin™ UG will issue Electronic Money and enter into contracts with the network of sub-agents and merchants it will canvass.

The user of the Qonvin™ service, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, expressly undertakes to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Use of such service, as well as all their subsequent amendments that may occur under the use of the Qonvin™ service after authorization from the Bank of Uganda.

The Qonvin™ are hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”. The Agreement defines the conditions under which Qonvin™ UG will provide Electronic Money services and mobile applications to you upon request. These conditions affect your rights and it is your responsibility to read them carefully. By accessing and using the Qonvin™ electronic money application, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

These terms and conditions of use form a “standard form contract” between Qonvin Uganda Limited and the User of the Qonvin App. The act of registering and using the Qonvin™ application means that you expressly agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement set out below, please do not access the Qonvin™ app.

The Customer’s subscription to the Qonvin™ service or the download of the Qonvin Mobile and Web application implies acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use. These can be modified if necessary by Qonvin™ UG with authorization from the Bank of Uganda. The continuation of the use of the Qonvin™ service after the amendment of these GCUs will be considered as tacit acceptance of the changes made by Qonvin™ UG.

  1. Definitions

The words “you” and “your” refer to the person who accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The words “Qonvin UG”, “us” and “our” designate QONVIN UGANDA LIMITED, a company registered in UGANDA;

The word “Qonvin™” refers to the name of the mobile application;

“Qonvin™ Money”: Electronic money issued and by distributed by Qonvin™ UG;

“Qonvin™ Agent”: A sub-distributor service provider duly authorized by Qonvin Uganda Limited;

“Customer” or “Holder” or “Subscriber” or “User”: any mobile phone user who chooses to use the Qonvin™ service;

"Transaction”: transactions performed via the Qonvin™ service;

“Electronic Money”: A monetary value representing a claim on the issuing institution, i.e. Qonvin™ UG, which is stored in an electronic form, including magnetic; issued without delay against the remittance of funds in an amount which is not less than the monetary value issued; and accepted as a means of payment by natural or legal persons other than the issuing institution. It can be used to carry out transactions without involving bank accounts;

“Pin code”: Personal and secret four (4) digit unique and specific code, chosen by the Customer during the procedure for activating their electronic wallet on their cell phone;

“Beneficiary”: Refers to the person you designate to receive the funds from the Qonvin™ Money transfer;

“SMS”: Designates a short message service consisting of a text message;

“Qonvin™ Account” Designates the unique Electronic Money account associated with any Customer of the Qonvin™ service, containing information essential to the identification of the holder and accessible through the mobile Qonvin™ Application on your mobile phone;

“ID”: National identity card for Ugandan nationals or passport for foreigners.

  1. Scope

This Agreement is applicable to Electronic Money distribution services provided by Qonvin™ UG.

  1. Qonvin™ service registration conditions
  1. Use of the Qonvin™ service is subject to the identification of each Customer on presentation of a valid identity document, as defined under the Ugandan applicable legislation and regulations. You agree to provide complete and accurate information as part of the registration process and you also agree to update this information in a reasonable or necessary manner to keep information complete and accurate at all times.
  1. The use of Qonvin™ services is granted to you subject to our ability to sufficiently verify your identity. If you do not provide accurate and complete information when you register, when you request a mobile transfer payment or when making a deposit or withdrawal, we have the right to prohibit you from using the Qonvin™ services or to refuse to process the service request. In addition, we draw your utmost attention to the fact that if you do not provide exact and complete information when registering or when requesting transfer, you may cause errors in your requested mobile transfers for which we shall NOT be held liable.
  1. You authorize Qonvin™ UG to request a credit report and / or obtain information from other third parties and from financial institutions concerning you or the Recipient. Qonvin™ UG reserves the right to ask to check your registration information and any other information in connection with a request for services, but has no obligation to do so. You acknowledge that Qonvin™ UG relies in good faith on the information you provide.
  1. Each time you access the Qonvin™ Services, you acknowledge that you have confirmed the accuracy and completeness of all registration information provided to Qonvin™ UG.
  1. By using the Qonvin™ UG service, you hereby accept to be subject to the transaction limits provided by the Ugandan legislation as follows:
  1. Transaction limits applicable to individual customers electronically registered
  • Maximum single transaction: Uganda Shillings 5,000
  • Maximum daily transfer: Uganda Shillings 10,000,000
  • Maximum daily balance: Uganda Shillings 10,000,000
  1. Transaction limits applicable to individual customers electronically registered and physically registered with their verification documents stored in the mobile money account of the customer
  • Maximum single transaction: Uganda Shillings 5,000
  • Maximum daily transfer: Uganda Shillings 20,000,000
  • Maximum daily balance: Uganda Shillings 20,000,000
  1. In all cases above mentioned, the maximum transaction counts should not exceed the maximum daily transfer limits.
  2. The limits set-forth above may be amended from time to time, pursuant to any modifications brought to the applicable laws and regulations. Qonvin™ UG would then inform the Customer of such changes which will become effective per the provisions of the laws and regulations.

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